There are too many conditions and injuries to list that can cause pain and impaired function of movement. However, here are some of the conditions which we treat and rehabilitate for the non-sports person and and those who are involved in sport or exercise:






        - Sciatica                                                                  - Ligament sprains and post-op reconstruction                       - Muscle strains


        - Back and neck pain                                               - Joint replacement eg hip and knee replacements                - Frozen Shoulder


        - Fractures                                                               - Acute and chronic conditions                                                - Chronic Pain


        - Tennis elbow                                                         - Golfer's elbow                                                                       - Shoulder impingements


        - Bursitis                                                                  - Tendinopathies (tendonitis)                                                  - Pre and post-op rehabilitation


        -  Spondylosis and spondylolisthesis                      - Scoliosis                                                                               - Rotator cuff issues


        - Sacroiliac joint dysfunction                                   - Osteoarthritis                                                                        - Thoracic outlet syndrome







Injuries and conditions that we treat.

We also help patients who need to improve their general mobility and help to improve their walking pattern whether it be with or without the support of walking aids.

Clinicians using evidence based physiotherapy skills.

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