The Injury and Pain Medicine Clinic provides chronic pain management for patients with complex pain conditions. Patients are seen by Amanda who has undertaken post-graduate training in Pain Medicine and continues to carry out her own research in this complex area of medicine. She also has a keen interest in spinal pain due to issues as a result of visceral problems and has expertise in diagnosing these complex spinal pain issues and making onward referrals for further investigations if appropriate.


Chronic pain affects mood and often causes a patient to become less sociable and generally impacts on all aspects of life. We have the expertise and knowledge to use the most effective and up-to-date treatment techniques for patients who have chronic pain, with the goal of reducing their pain, thereby improving function of the affected limb and to allow a patient to become more independent and engaged in normal daily tasks.


It must be understood that treatment for chronic pain is long-term, and requires the patient to participate in a treatment plan over a period of months as opposed to weeks.


The Injury and Pain Medicine Clinic works with local Pain Medicine Consultants providing a multidisciplinary approach to achieve a successful patient outcome.


Our Pain Medicine Clinic deals with chronic pain conditions such as:


- complex regional pain syndrome                                                                                                     - fibromyalgia

- polymyalgia                                                                                                                                      - amputee pain (phantom pain)

- diabetic neuropathy                                                                                                                         - osteoarthritis

- pain and mobilty problems after a stroke using mirror therapy plus other techniques                    - pain after spinal cord injury

- hypermobility syndromes                                                                                                                 - rheumatoid arthritis


Plus other pain states.





Treatment for chronic pain.


Clinicians using evidence based physiotherapy skills.

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