Injury and Pain Treatment and Rehabilitation







The Injury and Pain Medicine Clinic specialises in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Pain Medicine. We have the expertise to assess, treat and rehabilitate patients with a wide range of conditions and injuries. We treat the general public as well as athletes who compete at recreational or elite level or those who carry out regular exercise.


Treatment is tailored to individual patient needs and sport specific rehabilitation is prescribed for those involved in sport to ensure a safe return to their chosen activity.


A range of treatment techniques are used to aid recovery, some of these treatment techniques include:


  • Manual therapy (joint mobilisations and manipulation)

  • Exercise therapy

  • Soft tissue mobilisations

  • Biomechanical assessment

  • Ergonomic assessment and advice (work, car, home)

  • Orthotic prescription

  • Core stability training


We also provide Medical Acupuncture for musculoskeletal pain and injury.


Pre and post-operative treatment and rehabilitation is offered and liaison with GPs and consultants as well as poviding referrals for MRI scans for private patients if required. We can also request for other tests such as specific blood tests.  

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Treatment and Rehabilitation

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